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shameless plug~

hey all!  if anyone if still out there listening, it's been years (yup, i know), however i have finally decided to reopen at a new location with a slightly different M.O!  live music, art & more jpop than ever.


i plan to put emphasized focus on posting audio rips of various concerts i like & so forth.  please feel free to help spread the word if you like what you see so far.

also, if anyone has a blog of any kind that you'd like to swap links with, feel free to leave me a message, email or tweet!
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KAREN : Karen no Enka ga Ippai

If you like Yuki Maeda, JERO, Yuuko Nakazawa...

10.12.09 / VICL-63468
♥  my rip @ 320 kbps / AAC


01  泣くなオカメちゃん
02  帰ってこいよ
03  人生いろいろ
04  夜桜お七
05  あなたにあげる
06  津軽海峡・冬景色
07  東京娘
08  未練坂  

While my poor (leeched) wifi is of absolutely no use for sharing anything new, for the time being I still have a couple leftover download links from my last couple uploads over at my personal LJ.  I figured why the hell not put 'em to good use.  This lovely 'lil gem comes courtesy of Tsunku's alter-ego project, "NICE GIRL."  (Think of them as H!P's sister group.)  16-y/o fledgling member, Karen, stood up to the challenge of selling 1,370 copies of her (literally) hand printed indies single Naku na Okamechan as well as losing several pounds of weight and self promoting herself through various street festivals and performances.  While this cutey pie's diet didn't go quite as planned, Victor Entertainment saw how much effort she put forth and chose to sign her anyway.  Good thing they did as Karen's vocals are absolutely appealing and pretty.  The catch, my dear listeners?  10% pop and 90% enka.  However, I absolutely cannot recommend this album enough regardless of being nearly all covers.  If you're new to the genre, I'd coin this a darn perfect place to start as Karen's vocals are accessible and pleasant while the music light and easy to listen to.  Plus she's disguistingly cute you pervs, you.

PS - I've weeded through all prior download links.  Unless marks otherwise, they're still active.  Please feel free to DL.
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Random Community Announcement

Hello all you lovely peoples~!  Just a formal announcement to take this opportunity to give everyone a formal poke and advise ya'all that this community is not dead.  ♥  While it's certainly been a little while (aherm, since last summer?), I do have plans to continue uploading & sharing more sugary, delectable treats for all you music fans in the relatively near future.  As many of you have probably already guessed, these past couple years have been a time of massive change in my (personal) life.  Moving, working, more moving & so forth.  At this point, I've finally reached that certain place where I'm pretty sure I'll continue to be for a longer period (aka, consistency).  I'm just waiting on getting internet hooked up.  Once that happens, I can continue to give koiibumi the proper attention it deserves. 

SAPPY MOMENT.  I love this community as it is the last remaining internet site I've continued to run since the days of uploadin' .wav & .mp2 files in '97.  It will always hold a special place in my heart!
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Lee Ga Hee : leegahee

If you like Uehara Takako, Hirahara Ayaka, J, Lee Soo Young, Kara...

01.09.21 / WJCC0534
♥  my rip @ 320 kbps / MP3

DOWNLOAD HERE @ sendspace (.zip)

02  떠나지 마요
03  서릿발
04  오빠는 황보래용
05  부럽다
06  1년만의 전화
07  그것만은 안돼요
08  이런 걸 바래
09  얄짤무
10  바람맞던 날
11  머리카락 줘
12  추억속의 그대

No, I'm not dead.  Still chuggin along.

Anyone remember 015B?  Probably not considering no one appears to remember FinKL.  (Like, what??)  Either way, born from the mind of Jung Suk Won was conceived what was to be Kpop's newest pop princess.  With significant training and ridiculous production costs she was to be the next smashing diva.  Unfortunately things didn't work out exactly as planned and the little cutie's debut album became little more than a faint memory.  How sad considering the album itself is a nice collection of dramatic ballads, electronic pop tunes and sweet R&B inspired tracks.  I'm not completely sure what the reason may be, but the album is consistantly classified as "ballad" however I wouldn't agree with this 100%- for the most part, there are a number of downtempo tunes and asian tinged ballads but generally it's a mixed bag with quite a few upbeat dance songs thrown in.  I would honestly compare the entire experience most to Uehara Takako's (of SPEED) debut album- soft, dreamy vocals and a nice mix of upbeat and midtempo tracks.  Dude.  There's even a Latin tinged little ditty for closing!  How much better can we get than that?

From what I've read, this CD is quite difficult to get ahold of: glad I have my copy!  It came with a nice thick photo book to boot.  Overall?  It's a lovely album and a plum shame she didn't become more popular.  More than worth the download.  Send some love my way people!

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Mai Matsumuro : koigoromo

If you like Ayumi Hamasaki, (3-nin) dream, Nagase Miyu (ZONE)..

♥  08.05.07 / iTunes, mora, OnGen
♥  my convert @ 320 kbps / MP3

★  DOWNLOAD HERE (.zip @ mediafire)

01  恋衣

Anyone remember dream?  Like, the real dream.  As in a time long ago before hoards of random underage chicks flocked in wearing ridiculous cosplay outfits?  Once upon a time the group actually performed good, solid pop material and at the head of its mast was the invincible Matsumuro Mai.  Sure Hasabe was almost always front and center, but as all true fans know, Mai's gorgeously written lyric skills brought colour and diversity to their music.  Did I mention she can sing too?  Unfortunately the group lost her in 2002 and it wasn't until years later in 06 that she formally entered the music industry again with a double b-side single, Destiny/LOVE-1, written for a friend's wedding.  Since then there's been a total of five more singles, each better written than the last.  Of course each one has been entirely DL exclusives (give for her 3rd single for mobile phones).  koigoromo is most def my favourite of the bunch with Dramatic and existence at close tie.  Come on, Mai!  We're cheering for an album!

(And jsyk, I have her other singles as well as the DRM singles.  Let me know if anyone is interested.)
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hiro : ab sides

If you like  Kohmi Hirose, Matsuura Aya, Mai Matsumuro (ex-dream).....

08.08.06 / EPCE-9987
♥  my rip/compile @ 320 kbps / MP3

★  DOWNLOAD HERE (.zip @ sendspace)

01  希望の歌
02  Everytime, Everywhere
03  Days-いつかの風景-
04  Next Stage
05  sunlight
06  Secret Promise
07  Can You Hear My Heart ?
08  忘れられない日々
09  人魚の恋
10  しあわせの道
11  Early Passed Time To Winter

Seriously.  Download this.  Unless you're a SPEED/hiro fanatic and own all of her individual singles, you need this album.  And even if you do, you still need this album - I took the special time & care (that Avex has not) to hand select and order each track to the best of my ability.   If you enjoyed my last compilation, I'm absolutely sure you will adore this one.  I purposely left out the bsides to her later singles considering casual pop fans have probably listened to them at least once.  And no, they were not her best work.  Believe it or not, there was once a time when bsides were much more than filler.. these are fantastic tracks from start to end, from touching ballads to electronic dance tunes.  Shiawase no Michi is sweet as candy: the album version pales in comparison to the original.  Wasurerarenai hibi is the sort of uplifting song that's perfect for the summer heat.  For the love of God, Avex, please give the girl some proper new material.  Love her.  Cherish her.  Download her.
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If you like Morning Musume, T&C Bomber, Hello!Project circa 2001....

01.04.18 / EPCE-5098
♥  my rip @ 320 kbps / MP3

★  DOWNLOAD HERE (.zip @ mediafire)

02  やばいよやばいよ
03  花吹雪 BANG BANG BANG (Instrumental)

And one more for good luck since it's been a while.  Oh Tsunku, how you have disappointed me.  I remember the days when girls actually, like, acted their age.  Or rather, sounded their age.  Morning Musume and Tanpopo used to rock the shabong.. the days when my pretty little kittens didn't make me feel like a midnight cradle robber.  Loli-obsessed fanatics, duck and cover, this one's for the rest of us.  Sure they're no diva-material but whatever.  If you loved H!P back in the day you'll eat this up.  It's Tsunku produced, it's girlicious and it's totally MM with all chanting, bells & whistles.  No faux cutesy voices here, peeps.

It's a shame they bombed and never made it to an album.  They're a two single-pony here, folks.  And yes... Tsunku's girl groups get even stranger than this.  My secret weapon shall be revealed in a future update.
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JUEMILIA : All The Things She Said

If you like GAM, Tatu, or just about any sleezy two-girl group you can think

03.05.28 / UPCH-5192
♥  my rip @ 320 kbps / MP3

★  DOWNLOAD HERE (.zip @ mediafire)

01  All The Things She Said (Japanese Version)
02  All The Things She Said (English Version)
03  All The Things She Said (Instrumental Version)

No, I am not dead.  Very long story short, I disconnected my craptastic Comcast connection, moved 500 miles north and am finally still settling down.  Expect actual updates now that I not only have a stable connection, but I have all my pretty CDs back.

Requested by the lovely oh-so-lovely Piko-san, I figured I'd post the full single.  (Check out her awesome rotation, shekimusic , duh.)  It's a straight forward Tatu cover.  Bam.  The arrangement is a little strange to say the least (I don't really like how it's so.. broken?) but whatever.  It's still good.  Like models?  Like psuedo-lesbians?  Then grab it.  The English is tolerable!

PS >> I'm still in the process of moving but expect lots more.  I'm bored.
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Marié Digby : Unfold

If you like A Fine Frenzy, Sara Bereilles, Cobie Caillat, Kate Voegele....

Untold goodness

download here deleted 01/21/10
my rip @ 256 kbps / aac
08.04.08 / 2061626102

01 Fool
02 Better Off Alone
03 Say It again
04 Miss Invisible
05 Stupid For You
06 Girlfriend
07 Traffic
08 Voice On The Radio
09 Spell
10 Beauty In Walking Away
11 Unfold
12 Umbrella

I quite like this album.  Yes, umbrella is a rihanna cover.  Believe it or not I've been waiting for this to hit shelves for months now- it's a perfect addition to your spring listening.  Technically speaking, of course it's an American release however I'm using her being Japanese as my official, on the record excuse to share her album.  Despite the recent flood of wannabe, potential singer-songwriters, Marie still stands out with her sweet talent and everyday lyrics.  Cute, quirky & slightly uncomfortable, give it a try.  If you like it, please consider purchasing the album to support her career- at only seven bucks at Target, it's a steal.

(Sorry, no long winded review today.  Really sick.)
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Nakamura Miu : STAND MY GROUND

If you like Ami Tokito, Ogura Yuko, Kosaka Yuka..

08.01.09 / CYCF-39
♥  ni~ya's rip @ 320 kbps / MP3

★  download here (.zip @ mediafire)

02  あゝ無情
03  YES
05  雨
06  STAND MY GROUND(remix)

Requested by dakodako.  I figured why not spread the love.  Holy buttsquash Bat-boy!  A GRAVURE IDOL.  Who would have ever thunk I'd sink so low?  Well.  Yeah.  Don't answer that.  Essentially a cover album give for PARADISE, it's a fun little collection of classic songs including infamously overplayed ame and Ann Lewis' hit song Aa Mujo.  Sure the poor girl's pretty tone death but wtf mate?  She's a killer hottie.  And while I admit she's certainly no Hitomi Kitamura (---> the queen of singing grav idols: believe it or not she sounds like Kohmi Hirose several tones below), it's enjoyable enough.  The remix is pretty banging.

Btw, as a note, for the most part I strictly post my own rips but occasionally I will do as above and upload music I've found on the web.  When that happens I will always adhere to the unspoken rule of the web and credit the original uploader/owner.  I fully expect peeps to do the same on my behalf when resharing music I have taken the time out to rip.  (I for one do not understand why other rotators don't do the same and credit the individual who ripped it.  But whatever.)